24 04 2004

mischiff: “I like her, she is a good person but I think me throwing up on her jacket had a detrimental effect on our friendship.”
talktalk: “That’s one of those speedbumps in the friendship learning process.”



19 04 2004

My life has mostly been about work lately, but that is not to say it is an excuse. This blog has usually been the farthest thing from my mind. I’m still aiming for a that new camera so perhaps I will keep up with some photos. As posted last summer I never really intended for the site to end up the way it did.
This server is pissing me off, my site is burdened with ads and I don’t have the time or desire to build code to ward it off. Whenever Judd gets finished school and I have the desire to have a real site again I’m moving over to his servers and building a flashy new home. ’till then pop by now and again. Who knows what might (or not) be here.

Serious issues

11 04 2004

This server is having some serious issues. my MT is having trouble, formatting has changed and my CSS stuff is wack. I’m thinking this is abandoned. Sometime I will shove stuff over to Judd’s server, but right now I don’t really have anything to say anyway.

Lookout Ducky!

24 03 2004

Snake Skin Ducky
The Blog just hasn’t been my top priority lately. Dunno why. Happily busy I guess. Mind you I don’t think it is a coincidence that the first entry in a while happens to also be on my first laundry night in equally as long.
I think I have a complete rebuild in me soon. Maybe even a domain. Meh, that seems so self involved, but perhaps easier to point to. I haven’t been posting so I haven’t been pulling traffic. The last post was up for 10 days b4 people commented on it.


15 03 2004



8 03 2004

Victoria does not suck. March 07,2004


1 03 2004

I know, I haven’t posted.
meh. Sell or buy one of my cameras and I will post.
Better yet. IF YOU DON’T buy my camera I will post!