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20 06 2004

I was checking email this morning and found myself clicking through the news sights having an interesting read. Here Micheal Moore talks about his latest film, and over here is an article about the first non-government space flight. Turns out there is a $10 million dollar contest for the first commercial space flight. Who knew?




2 responses

21 06 2004

Actually, I have to correct that. It’s $10 million for the second flight in two weeks for a three-passenger vehicle.
It has to make it back up in two weeks, is what I’m saying.

21 06 2004

Yeah. Actually today was not an official attempt at the prize. It was ‘just a test’ people. They will make an official attempt at the prize later this summer. And yes; that means two flights within two weeks of each other with a pilot an the ‘equivalent weight’ of two passengers.

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