25 01 2004

I have been slacking here I know, but even though I have had so much on my mind lately none of it seems blog worthy. Strike that, the stuff that I do consider blog worthy has required more energy to write than I am willing to put out right now.
Now another thing I forget now and again is just how powerful Movable Type is. A few weeks ago I installed MT-Blacklist on my server and it has been sah-weet. I still have a few conflicts on auto rebuilds but mostly everything still works, and I don’t get any dumps of spam in my comments. With that said, I haven’t been checking comments on my archived posts in a while.
I just did tonight and got a little weirded out, had a good chuckle, and just had to shake my head.
I was weirded out because:
Some guy wrote this comment just so he could put in his bingo url. The comment is not at all related to my post btw.
“My girlfriend passed away on Jan 1st just gone by, she was in a diabetic coma for 8 days, so it hasnot been a great New Years for me but I have beautiful memories to last a life time of my precious Nancy which I will cherish til the last breath I take.
Thank you for allowing me to vent.
Take care

His email address is if anyone wants to spam him.
I got a good chuckle because:
A wee while ago I made some comment on a perpetual motion machine. One guy in Norway has appeared to have made the closest thing so far in a grey area of science mostly populated by idiots, frauds, and eccentrics. Coincidentally I received this comment:
“I hav a pmm pland and ready to build. It uses magnets and i truley belive it will work. I have a nother with magnets and a nother mechanical if the one im building fails. The one im ready to build all i need is more magnets and a wheel. It doesn’t defy the laws of thermal dinamics even because it is suported by magnets virtually eliminating friction and it does have imput from the magnets repeling. I just go interested in perpetual motion a few days ago from a tv program and al ready i got 3 promising desings and im only in junior high.”
Really, you don’t say…
This person tried hard to remain anonymous but their IP reads from Alberta. Shame on me for assuming it was an American.
The shaking of my head goes to everyone who left comments on this post from January of last year. Originally I was deleting these stupid comments, and realized too late what I was doing. I have left all comments since then right where they belong, here for everyone to see how dumb you are.
And a final observation made while checking my activity report:
MT-Blacklist denied an amazing 250 attempts to post viagra spam on my site- in one day.The IP shows it was the same company from somewhere in Washington DC that tried to post an average of 5 times per minute from 5:09pm until 5:50pm on thursday. Unbelievable.




One response

25 01 2004

Oh precious Nancy. How we miss you. The way you would scream Bingo out of turn. So precious. Bint.
And the level of literacy in Alberta junior high schools seems to be gently wavering in the breeze. Must be all the magnets.
And I’m still waiting for you to make me famous. I even sent a cheque for $350.00.
Love the Interweb.

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