yay and nay

19 01 2004

Pics are up! Majority of them are here go check ’em out!
I had the misfortune of watching ‘Gerry’ last night. One of the worst movies of all time. Truly. Maybe fifty scenes in the whole movie. And maybe two pages of dialog. Seriously they must have been trying to set records for longest continuous scene, and longest time with no speaking. So if anyone else out there wants to make a movie pull out a piece of paper, just one should do, and write down a random fictional conversation. Turn your cam-corder on, face it towards a mall parking-lot and press record. Go have coffee. Come back, turn the camera 85 degrees then read your piece of paper from behind the camera. Leave the camera on for another hour. Congratulations, you just made a movie better than ‘Gerry’.




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