oh PuhLEEase

8 01 2004

Please find some other use for your time. Thank you.
Goofs for
Finding Nemo (2003)

Errors in geography: Nigel, the Pelican, is a Brown Pelican, scientifically known as Pelecanus Occidentalis. The movie is set in Australia, where there are no Brown Pelicans, instead there is the Australian Pelican, scientifically known as Pelecanus Conspicillatus. Both birds look quite different.

Errors in geography:
The diving flag seen on the dentist’s boat is the United States’ “Diver Down” flag (red with white stripe). This flag is not used in Australia, and would not be seen on the Great Barrier Reef. The Australian version is blue and white.
Continuity: Peach the starfish has to be reminded that she can’t be heard, when she is attached to the glass of the tank. But moments later, she is carrying on a conversation with the other fish while attached to the glass. This happens when they are watching the dentist work, and when she is reading the manual for the tank filter.
Factual Errors: When the fish are in bags and the bags are in the ocean, the bags should float with their inner water level at just about the same level as the surface of the ocean.

Factual Errors:
Marlin and Dory are advised to swim to the back of the whale’s throat and then are blown out of the whale’s blowhole. This is not physically possible as whales mouths and digestive systems are not connected to their respiratory system and blowhole.
Factual Errors: Coral should be bigger than Marlin. Female clownfish are always bigger than their mates (often twice as big).




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