Loving this weather!

4 01 2004

No really, I do. So nice to have a change.
I spent most of the day inside today only leaving to return a movie and brave the mall for a bit in the afternoon, then I went for a drive tonight. Loving it. The roads are pure ice.
Shelbourne is like a skating rink.
One thing I notice is how everyone talks about the bad drivers out there. No one ever considers it may be them we are talking about. The stand out offence of the evening was parking. People parking on the outside of a corner at the bottom of a hill, people parking beside stop signs, and people parking where they can’t get stuck, like in the middle of the road. At least this suggests some forethought. That’s more than what could be said for most owners of four wheel drive vehicles.
You see the fundemental flaw in the four wheel drive formula is that while it improves acceleration, a four wheel drive brakes no better than any other car. Four tires touching the road no matter what kind of car it is. This was very amusing to observe while driving the mountains in California one winter. 9 out of ten cars in the ditch were SUVs. The yuppies from LA would drive up into the mountains and when they encounter snow they ‘engage’ the four wheel drive and continue along at 80 miles an hour. As soon as they get to the first bend they find out no matter how many horsepower they have under the hood the tires don’t stick any better. Zing!- off the road they go.
Anyway, have fun, drive safe! Enjoy the unique weather!