mahd scramble

30 01 2004

Home from work with just enough time to pack and shower, then out the door and off to Vancouver for the weekend.
I might even have a beer.
..and maybe catch the mONstER TRucks dood!



25 01 2004

I have been slacking here I know, but even though I have had so much on my mind lately none of it seems blog worthy. Strike that, the stuff that I do consider blog worthy has required more energy to write than I am willing to put out right now.
Now another thing I forget now and again is just how powerful Movable Type is. A few weeks ago I installed MT-Blacklist on my server and it has been sah-weet. I still have a few conflicts on auto rebuilds but mostly everything still works, and I don’t get any dumps of spam in my comments. With that said, I haven’t been checking comments on my archived posts in a while.
I just did tonight and got a little weirded out, had a good chuckle, and just had to shake my head.
I was weirded out because:
Some guy wrote this comment just so he could put in his bingo url. The comment is not at all related to my post btw.
“My girlfriend passed away on Jan 1st just gone by, she was in a diabetic coma for 8 days, so it hasnot been a great New Years for me but I have beautiful memories to last a life time of my precious Nancy which I will cherish til the last breath I take.
Thank you for allowing me to vent.
Take care

His email address is if anyone wants to spam him.
I got a good chuckle because:
A wee while ago I made some comment on a perpetual motion machine. One guy in Norway has appeared to have made the closest thing so far in a grey area of science mostly populated by idiots, frauds, and eccentrics. Coincidentally I received this comment:
“I hav a pmm pland and ready to build. It uses magnets and i truley belive it will work. I have a nother with magnets and a nother mechanical if the one im building fails. The one im ready to build all i need is more magnets and a wheel. It doesn’t defy the laws of thermal dinamics even because it is suported by magnets virtually eliminating friction and it does have imput from the magnets repeling. I just go interested in perpetual motion a few days ago from a tv program and al ready i got 3 promising desings and im only in junior high.”
Really, you don’t say…
This person tried hard to remain anonymous but their IP reads from Alberta. Shame on me for assuming it was an American.
The shaking of my head goes to everyone who left comments on this post from January of last year. Originally I was deleting these stupid comments, and realized too late what I was doing. I have left all comments since then right where they belong, here for everyone to see how dumb you are.
And a final observation made while checking my activity report:
MT-Blacklist denied an amazing 250 attempts to post viagra spam on my site- in one day.The IP shows it was the same company from somewhere in Washington DC that tried to post an average of 5 times per minute from 5:09pm until 5:50pm on thursday. Unbelievable.

yay and nay

19 01 2004

Pics are up! Majority of them are here go check ’em out!
I had the misfortune of watching ‘Gerry’ last night. One of the worst movies of all time. Truly. Maybe fifty scenes in the whole movie. And maybe two pages of dialog. Seriously they must have been trying to set records for longest continuous scene, and longest time with no speaking. So if anyone else out there wants to make a movie pull out a piece of paper, just one should do, and write down a random fictional conversation. Turn your cam-corder on, face it towards a mall parking-lot and press record. Go have coffee. Come back, turn the camera 85 degrees then read your piece of paper from behind the camera. Leave the camera on for another hour. Congratulations, you just made a movie better than ‘Gerry’.


18 01 2004

:insert Kyle Cummings caption here:
Just a sample of a truly epic night of photography.
Like mischiff said:
I’m exhausted. Drained. Spent.

The night started off with my intention of taking pics similar to the above. It started out soft then slowly ramped up, then like Emeril Lagasse BAAM! – some cool stuff started happening. The really cool thing about the cool things is that we meant to do them. We set up shots and they turned out just as good or better than we planned. We had a vision then kept trying until we got what we wanted. So hawt.
Some pics come out of being in the right spot at the right time, but these shots came out of imagination and planning. That is damn rewarding.
Pics will be posted soon.

Almost like they know what they are doing.

14 01 2004

First image is of the test rover, in a lab here on earth turning 95 degrees on its platform. The second is of the real rover, on mars turning exactly 95 degrees on its platform. Remarkably similar no? Or am I just a total geek here.
Well personally I find this all a bit amazing. Not like I want to map out the surface of mars on my bedroom wall amazing, but more like that freakin’ thing is millions of miles away doing exactly what it is supposed to amazing.
Also Adrian and I head to CFUV tonight to do our hoop jumping course on how to be radio stars. One step closer to getting random radio on the air full time.

Die Spammers Die!

13 01 2004

MT-Blacklist with the kickass!
I tried to install this back in the summer but for some reason it didn’t work. I use a ‘free’ server so I don’t have all that much access to it other than FTP. I believe there were some conflicts before. Davin at davin.wassup posted that he received a filthy amount of spam and used blacklist to wipe his slate. I figured I had to give it another try. Mahd props to jay allen for this wonderful beasty of a nuker machine. I installed with ease and works smashingly. I still have some conflict but this just requires me to rebuild manually. oh boo hoo.
So thanks again Jay Allen for making this, thanks Davin for passing this along, and fcuk you with a large pointed stick to the asses at a certain poker site who spammed me on 30 different entries. I am not listing the site for two reasons. Firstly because I don’t want to give them any free advertisement and secondly because I already nuked their asses and forgot who the hell they are!

oh PuhLEEase

8 01 2004

Please find some other use for your time. Thank you.
Goofs for
Finding Nemo (2003)

Errors in geography: Nigel, the Pelican, is a Brown Pelican, scientifically known as Pelecanus Occidentalis. The movie is set in Australia, where there are no Brown Pelicans, instead there is the Australian Pelican, scientifically known as Pelecanus Conspicillatus. Both birds look quite different.

Errors in geography:
The diving flag seen on the dentist’s boat is the United States’ “Diver Down” flag (red with white stripe). This flag is not used in Australia, and would not be seen on the Great Barrier Reef. The Australian version is blue and white.
Continuity: Peach the starfish has to be reminded that she can’t be heard, when she is attached to the glass of the tank. But moments later, she is carrying on a conversation with the other fish while attached to the glass. This happens when they are watching the dentist work, and when she is reading the manual for the tank filter.
Factual Errors: When the fish are in bags and the bags are in the ocean, the bags should float with their inner water level at just about the same level as the surface of the ocean.

Factual Errors:
Marlin and Dory are advised to swim to the back of the whale’s throat and then are blown out of the whale’s blowhole. This is not physically possible as whales mouths and digestive systems are not connected to their respiratory system and blowhole.
Factual Errors: Coral should be bigger than Marlin. Female clownfish are always bigger than their mates (often twice as big).