14 11 2003

All of a sudden I have so much to do. Work, play and challenging new things to try. It’s all so nice, but right now I want a nap.
Then tonight we brainstorm!


What is that smell?

12 11 2003

My new skateboard.
Walking back to my car this evening revealed (in more ways than one) a extreme low tide and the stench of the inner harbour. With the moon being full we have had some crazy high and low tides.
Tonight mischiff and I actually saw the bottom of the inner harbour, a heron fishing, and a skateboard. Yep, I found that skateboard at the bottom of the inner harbour. Too funny. It couldn’t have been down there long. There wasn’t any rust, and the board didn’t seem to be caked in sludge. Granted the materials are wood, eurothane, aluminium, and stainless steel, but there has to be some sort of cheap none galvanized iron laden steel there somewhere. Not that I am complaining. It is a working old school fat wheeled skateboard.
I just hope it was some punk who fell off it infront of a crowd of people who saw it fall in. I’m sure he deserved it. Skateboarding on the lower causeway is a no-no don’tcha know.

Sunday funday

9 11 2003

Had a great Sunday with Davin and Adrian. We did brunch at the very blue and yellow Dutch Panakoek house. It was a little overpriced and everthing on the menu was branded like mcdonalds. The eggs benedutch for example or the eggs pannedict. Everything else was De Bakon, De Waffles, De Brunch and De Licious. So Sad. $3.50 for an orange juice.
After this we went to the Museum and took pictures. Had a good time but most of the second level was under construction so there wasn’t much there, and cameras are not allowed in the First Nations area.
We went to check out Julia’s place on Courtney. You know, the little restraunt that has the guy on the street calling people in to eat. They were closed. We went to BP instead.
Finished up the night with some skating and some night shots with Davin and Jim. They should get some good shots tonight with the full moon, but my memory card was full and I wanted some sleep.
I hope to have some September pics up this week. I want to catch up.

F@#K you Peter

7 11 2003

I just got home from Kill Bill and was going to post about it when I opened my Movable Type and found 20 gad-dam spam comments. F@#k you, you creten. To any of my hacker type freinds who may be reading this. Please, I beg of you, we have his IP, lets melt his computer. F@#k this pisses me off. I was in a great mood until now. Better yet, let’s use the link he entered and crash the server. Should we go so far as finding out the host and contacting them if it is a seperate company? WTF?
Anyway, so Kill Bill is superstyley. Quentin takes hollywood cliche and throws it right back in their face by making it work. It’s all about style. There is one great continuous motion shot that starts with the Black Mamba walking to the bathroom, leaves the room follows up to O-Ren Ishii, then tracks Sofi Fatale back down to said washroom where again we see the Black Mamba with the cool screen fade in the stall (done with the simple change of lights). One shot done with one camera. Not many people caught that. Great lighting, colour, and age old effects with camera angles and speeds. Love it.
I know Aa and mischiff love the moment the slippers come off, but I think my fave is the entrance of O-Ren Ishii and her squad into the Temple of Blue Leaves. Just looove that scene. Simple? Sure. Cliche? Probably. Cocky?Over-the-top du formage? Whatever, it looked fricken cool to me.
Oh and one note to the Black Mamba:
Hey doll, #6 is Peter (aka: Dildo Cmment Spammer)

New album and contest

4 11 2003

Good ol’ caption contest here folks.
Once you have done that, go check out my Photogroffee 2.0 album. This time we laid down a map and tossed a coin. Wherever the coin landed was out destination. We had half an hour to take pics before moving on to the next location.
Just as I did last time I posted all my pics without censoring them or picking only the better ones. Have a gander and once again feel free to leave comments:)

one of those times…

2 11 2003

…when you are driving home and think of a great topic for a post, yet when you actually sit down to write it you totally forget what it was you wanted to talk about so badly.
I did have one of those days where I took great enjoyment out of noticing when I smile, lots of people smile back. Totally sounds like a bad inspirational poster, but it is infectious. Just walking around downtown I was concious of trying to keep a smile on my face and make eye contact. It sooo works, and it is fun. Almost qualifies as a boost to self confidence.

you know who you are…

1 11 2003