Where art thou Nemo?

25 11 2003

Had improv again tonight. Went better this time. I didn’t have a cold so my head was a little clearer, although I was a little worried as I was suoper rushed to get home, shower, grab subway and get from Gordon Head to James Bay for improv. Finished my sammich as I parked infront of the rehearsal area and my car decided to improvisationally show me a bright red warning light on the dash minutes before I arrived as well. Battery not charging. Great. All the while concerned about Sarah’s brother too. (I won’t go into details as it is not my place to say, but he had a serious accident and is in the hospital. He is one tough S.O.B so I know he will pull through in spades.)
I did manage to concentrate and had a good night. Everyone had a good night. Very funny stuff. There were some tough scenes/situations that some people had to deal with, and other scenes where I would have loved to have jumped in as I had great ideas for. But that is how it goes sometimes. We get caught listening to our own scene sometimes and not concentrating enough on ourselves. Caught myself doing it once tonight, but squeezed through.
Really looking forward to improv and the radio show. I wasn’t sure if I would have time for both, but I think and hope it may just work out. They are complimentary to each other, and I just have to remember to keep it clean 🙂