Meeting #2

19 11 2003

Tonight crime was bannished and wars were abolished. Tonight the world was set straight. Equal pay for equal duty. We found a cure for terminal illness, and it was agreed Samantha Fox should make a comeback.
Perhaps I got a little carried away there. We did talk radio. Davin and Adrian and I met tonight to discuss our new radio show. As part of our master plan we decided to take input from our valued readers. Granted there hasn’t been much to read about here in the past week or so, but this is where you come in. If you think you have some radio worthy material, write in. Show me (us) what you got! If you want to tell me about something that pissed you off on the way to work, do that, if you want to submit a story or an essay do that. If you have a sexy picture of yourself in lingerie, do THAT! What ever you think might be good on the radio, send it to us.
Get it? Send us YOUR material. email the crew at —>
We will have an official web page and all that when this takes off and we have our time slot nailed down. Looking forward to seeing what you have!