16 11 2003

I’ve been working long hours everyday and it feels great. I get home and I am exhausted, but it still sorta feels good. Tonight I sorted a whack more pictures, I hope to get September’s Gallery up soon. I was thinking I would get it done last week, but as you can see I didn’t. This week promises to be even more crazy. Adrian and I picked up a music programming gig we hoped to get done right away, but we haven’t even had a chance to get started! Tuesday night auditioning night for improv, Wednesday night programming and hopefully if time meeting with Adrian and Davin for radio prep, Thursday night more of the same and mischiff spins at Upstairs, Friday night Mahssive radio prep, and Saturday we are on the air!
Oh and somewhere I find time for the rest of my life and this here little blog, and post that damn gallery!
Did I mention I have a radio show in the works? Saturday, hmm, that is soon. Random Radio with Me, Davin, and Adrian. Sooo much fun we are going to have. More on this later, I wasn’t going to mention it but mischiff let the Cat out of the big burlap cloth type open at one end container thingy mah bobber.