What is that smell?

12 11 2003

My new skateboard.
Walking back to my car this evening revealed (in more ways than one) a extreme low tide and the stench of the inner harbour. With the moon being full we have had some crazy high and low tides.
Tonight mischiff and I actually saw the bottom of the inner harbour, a heron fishing, and a skateboard. Yep, I found that skateboard at the bottom of the inner harbour. Too funny. It couldn’t have been down there long. There wasn’t any rust, and the board didn’t seem to be caked in sludge. Granted the materials are wood, eurothane, aluminium, and stainless steel, but there has to be some sort of cheap none galvanized iron laden steel there somewhere. Not that I am complaining. It is a working old school fat wheeled skateboard.
I just hope it was some punk who fell off it infront of a crowd of people who saw it fall in. I’m sure he deserved it. Skateboarding on the lower causeway is a no-no don’tcha know.