Sunday funday

9 11 2003

Had a great Sunday with Davin and Adrian. We did brunch at the very blue and yellow Dutch Panakoek house. It was a little overpriced and everthing on the menu was branded like mcdonalds. The eggs benedutch for example or the eggs pannedict. Everything else was De Bakon, De Waffles, De Brunch and De Licious. So Sad. $3.50 for an orange juice.
After this we went to the Museum and took pictures. Had a good time but most of the second level was under construction so there wasn’t much there, and cameras are not allowed in the First Nations area.
We went to check out Julia’s place on Courtney. You know, the little restraunt that has the guy on the street calling people in to eat. They were closed. We went to BP instead.
Finished up the night with some skating and some night shots with Davin and Jim. They should get some good shots tonight with the full moon, but my memory card was full and I wanted some sleep.
I hope to have some September pics up this week. I want to catch up.