29 11 2003

Thankfully I remembered saying that if I didn’t have time to write a post I would at least post some pictures.
And we had such high hopes for him.
Off to work again, then do some show prep, eat and sleep, watch hockey game, then maybe more sleep, then food and show prep then off to the studio.


Where art thou Nemo?

25 11 2003

Had improv again tonight. Went better this time. I didn’t have a cold so my head was a little clearer, although I was a little worried as I was suoper rushed to get home, shower, grab subway and get from Gordon Head to James Bay for improv. Finished my sammich as I parked infront of the rehearsal area and my car decided to improvisationally show me a bright red warning light on the dash minutes before I arrived as well. Battery not charging. Great. All the while concerned about Sarah’s brother too. (I won’t go into details as it is not my place to say, but he had a serious accident and is in the hospital. He is one tough S.O.B so I know he will pull through in spades.)
I did manage to concentrate and had a good night. Everyone had a good night. Very funny stuff. There were some tough scenes/situations that some people had to deal with, and other scenes where I would have loved to have jumped in as I had great ideas for. But that is how it goes sometimes. We get caught listening to our own scene sometimes and not concentrating enough on ourselves. Caught myself doing it once tonight, but squeezed through.
Really looking forward to improv and the radio show. I wasn’t sure if I would have time for both, but I think and hope it may just work out. They are complimentary to each other, and I just have to remember to keep it clean 🙂

Random Radio Episode 001

23 11 2003

So it is in the books. Earlier this morning we did our first radio show.
It came naturally and at one point Davin forgot he was on the radio and had to catch himself after a little vocabulary slip up. Adrian did a hilarious bit with Sven. Davin, Jim and I were in stitches in the control room. Speaking of Jim he tagged along and fit in nicely. We are hoping to get him onboard for some superstylee writing.
As Adrian posted earlier today, we definately were random, but personally in the future I would like to see a little more structure and or planning. Not because I think we were too wild, actually quite the opposite. I think we just need to plan ahead so we can let ourselves go knowing we have something already planned to fall back on. I also think knowing when to end a bit and move on is key. I don’t think you ever want to get to a point when you realize you should have stopped ten minutes ago.
As expected we just let it roll. Just let things happen and go with the flow. Nearing the final hour we started to hit our stride but were also aware that it was nearly too late to do anything about it. Miraculously right at the strike of half past 5 we all recognized a physical malaise. Mentally I was sort of on a second wind, but the yawns started to creep up on us. With that aside, the time flew by for all of us. I had a great time and can’t wait to do it again next week.
I think as soon as we get a couple more shows under our belt we will have a good feel for what works and what doesn’t. I really want to be proud of what we do, and for me that is not just having a radio show, it is having a GOOD radio show.
And we will.

SO hawt right now…

22 11 2003

Work today, then meet with Davin and Adrian, then a well executed nap, then we are on the air! Generating lots of good response, but I’m not sure how many of those people will still be up to listen to it.
Oh yeah baby!

Summarizing September

20 11 2003

Finally I got the September Album up.
You know the rules, check it out, leave me comments. Don’t forget to click on the thumbnails so you can actually SEE the picture.

Meeting #2

19 11 2003

Tonight crime was bannished and wars were abolished. Tonight the world was set straight. Equal pay for equal duty. We found a cure for terminal illness, and it was agreed Samantha Fox should make a comeback.
Perhaps I got a little carried away there. We did talk radio. Davin and Adrian and I met tonight to discuss our new radio show. As part of our master plan we decided to take input from our valued readers. Granted there hasn’t been much to read about here in the past week or so, but this is where you come in. If you think you have some radio worthy material, write in. Show me (us) what you got! If you want to tell me about something that pissed you off on the way to work, do that, if you want to submit a story or an essay do that. If you have a sexy picture of yourself in lingerie, do THAT! What ever you think might be good on the radio, send it to us.
Get it? Send us YOUR material. email the crew at —>
We will have an official web page and all that when this takes off and we have our time slot nailed down. Looking forward to seeing what you have!


16 11 2003

I’ve been working long hours everyday and it feels great. I get home and I am exhausted, but it still sorta feels good. Tonight I sorted a whack more pictures, I hope to get September’s Gallery up soon. I was thinking I would get it done last week, but as you can see I didn’t. This week promises to be even more crazy. Adrian and I picked up a music programming gig we hoped to get done right away, but we haven’t even had a chance to get started! Tuesday night auditioning night for improv, Wednesday night programming and hopefully if time meeting with Adrian and Davin for radio prep, Thursday night more of the same and mischiff spins at Upstairs, Friday night Mahssive radio prep, and Saturday we are on the air!
Oh and somewhere I find time for the rest of my life and this here little blog, and post that damn gallery!
Did I mention I have a radio show in the works? Saturday, hmm, that is soon. Random Radio with Me, Davin, and Adrian. Sooo much fun we are going to have. More on this later, I wasn’t going to mention it but mischiff let the Cat out of the big burlap cloth type open at one end container thingy mah bobber.