How can I be so out of touch?

29 09 2003

I’m a stranger in my own town sometimes. It never ceases to amaze me what can go on in my own town without me knowing about it. Last Thursday two people were shot at downtown Victoria. It was outside a club. I had no idea.
Also a very tragic accident in Oak Bay where from what I gather a 21 year old female was fatally struck as she exited a taxi. I don’t get the newspaper, and I don’t watch TV.
Less sudden and less violent things also pass me by. Like a new building, or an event I heard nothing about until after it is over. I just feel out of touch sometimes yet I can get a text message on my phone hours after my friend halfway around the world in Europe has a baby.
I’m sure this is a trend. Globally we are a smaller community. We can receive real time video from a hummer in Iraq, but do we know what our neighbours name is?


who the? oh…

26 09 2003

The other morning I was driving to work and was bombarded with ads on local radio. Out of sheer frustration I pushed ‘Seek’ and came upon a random station.
This random station was airing the Howard Stern show. He was making his typical juvenile remarks towards a hollywood starlette. I listened in shock, then giggled a little. He quickly moved on to a topic that stunned me. He even said it disgusted him. He lined up the spot by saying New York was opening a gay friendly highschool and one of his guys went down to get some interviews at a Christian protest against gays.
Seeing as the protestors brought their own children to the event, and it was a school, he decided to interview them. It was disgusting. There were 8-10 year olds saying,”God hates fags.” and they are an “abomination”. What 8 year old has that in their vocabulary? These kids were fed (stating the obvious) info by the parents as they were talking. Just brutal. It went on at quite a length and Howard Stern was getting totally pissed off at listening to these Christian idiots. They were of course quoting the Bible why “fags are an abomination”.
This happened over a week ago now I guess so maybe there is a sound bite out there somewhere. My first search revealed this gem… Gay Highschool Ignites Firestorm of Controversy By Jeremy Reynalds
He makes some quite valid points regarding segregation and asks how far can you go to protect some groups and not others, but you can just read the hate in his type. I don’t know what to say. These Christian groups need to be rounded up and cut off from their Kool-Aid, or at least have it spiked with Vodka and GeeBee. I’m sick of their blind hate/fear against everything. The Bible was written a wee while ago, things have changed!
Do I think there should be a gay highschool? I’m not sure. I have no problem with the principles of having a school filled with homosexuals, but rather if it should be a public school. A private school would make sense but what of the students who couldn’t afford it. A more accurate of a statement would be that I don’t object to a ‘gay highschool’ but why not a school for blacks in a white neighbourhood? or whites in a black neighbourhood? or even what idiot boy above said: “…fat kids, nerds, kids with glasses, crooked teeth, etc” Not that I wish to compare the two or even try and justify one over the other. After all the whole purpose of the school was to give them shelter from violence. That I agree with, and if they are going to public school anyway, you aren’t really spending any more money on a per student basis.
I just picture a fat kid and a gay kid on a park bench. They have both been beat up, picked on, and verbally abused. A superhero swoops down and grabs the gay kid. “I will protect you!”, turns to fly off and says, “Fat kid, you are on your own.” whoosh!

Need clarification please.

24 09 2003

I have friends who know art. I have witnessed Kate and mischiff debate art, I have seen Jaime’s art and watched her restrain from beating dj’s head in over the same debate. Evgenya is well travelled and like Grant has seen museums filled with great art. I’m pretty sure aa has also been to Musée du Louvre. Kyle’s talent with the two dimensional is well known and a handful of people including myself can frame a photograph.
But what the hell is this?!
It looks to me like a rooster standing on a vibrator coming out of a coffee pot that is pouring molasses into a crooked cup sitting on a placemat with a saucer drawn on it surrounded by dried cherries.
Can anyone tell me what is goin on here and what is a vibrator doing stuck to the side of coffee pot? An obvious pun with the cock standing on it. Coffee makes you vibrate? It’s as good as masturbating in the morning? or night? It looks like the moon is sporting a bit of a tent but isn’t to happy about it.

In time, this too shall pass

22 09 2003

As you may know by now, I just moved. Part of my moving plan was to thin out this amazing amount of crap I have acquired over the last 10 years.
I did a pretty good job I thought until I realized I had about 14 boxes stored at my Dad’s place. Tonight I drove out to there and started going through some of it. O MY GAWD I am a pack rat! The shit I saved! I had little bags and boxes of misc. crap everywhere. There were boxes just labeled :”MISC.”
There was a box full of random sized and coloured sheets, and towels. No two the same. I had hideous sweaters, gloves with holes and even a headband. Why? Of course there was a large portion I do know why it was originally saved, like my first Whistler Mtn. Staff hat, and name tag. Silly little memento things that I didn’t have the nerve to throw away at the time. Some I still don’t.
As I was weeding through the blinky Christmas lights and over the brand new dart board I found a fold up sombrero type thing. Under that, beside the pool cue chalk I found two empty bottles of Dom Perignon that were holding down some letters and cards. Amongst these was a postcard from Costa Rica written by a name I didn’t recognize. Not for almost a minute anyway. I also found letters and cards from an ex.
Now that is weird. I was very apprehensive about reading the first one, but once I did I was fascinated. I was either looking at a whole new side of things or I was wandering through an art gallery looking at photo’s of a parallel life. It was honestly surreal at times. Total flashbacks, re-living moments and refreshing forgotten ones.
I was totally devastated when we fell apart. I even knew at the time that it was for the best, but I was out on a limb, at night, in the rain, with no food, naked, and I had just run out of metaphors. Basically I was in a bad funk and even though I gave myself a good talking to I still managed to lose fifteen pounds (yes me).
So crazy that I loved and hated this person all at once. Willing to look past the negatives just so I could hold onto the scraps of positives. I feel great. So good that I even want to talk to her. I was taught many things then, I sat myself down at night and made rules for myself, I learned, I grew, I felt like shit. Every other song on the radio reminded me of her, and the ones that didn’t had lyrics about bitter love stories. So I guess they did too. There is one thing I wish I could have done then, and that was cry. I never cried. I just wished I could have sat down and balled my eyes out. I tried, but ultimately maybe that is why I couldn’t.
In the heart of the moment I knew, and told myself that this happens to people all over the world every day and you know what? They get over it. Time heals all wounds and such.
I was so right.
About everything. Right there in front of me was snippets of good and bad. The love letters and the apologies. I was right! I was reading this and it didn’t hurt at all. It was actually interesting. My self-help pep talks were like a hypothesis, and these letters were like scientific research. They proved I was right. Every silly little thing I thought about was true. There were good times, there were awful times, I was in a relationship that was bad for me with a woman that knew it as much as I did. Or perhaps more than I did. She said things like ‘I was too good for her’ and such. I felt that was low self esteem and I wanted to help her more. Little did I know, she was infected. Infected with years of hate and abuse. Years of giving and giving and never getting anything in return. A virus if you will.
This virus was her previous relationship. Our relationship was the complete opposite yet the past still weighed heavy. It effected her and eventually me. It killed our relationship. Perhaps this is morose but a better description would be a parasite. A parasite because when she broke off her previous relationship it stayed with her, yet when we broke up it found a new host in me and I carried it unwittingly turned unwillingly into my next relationship.
I thought maybe it still had a hold on me, but you know what? While I was looking the other way time took care of it. She is married now and I honestly hope she is doing well. I’m currently single, but in time, this too shall pass.

Juxtaposing July

22 09 2003

Pics from July are now up here.


20 09 2003

I haven’t posted for four days. I haven’t got any comments in three. I am groggy headed for over sleeping, and it is sunny outside. (as opposed to sunny inside? Why do we have to add ‘outside’ hmm)
I intend to go enjoy it. Maybe more posty later. and pictures, hey there is an idea.

New gallery album

16 09 2003

I have finally started chipping away at the virtual mountain of pictures taken with my digital camera. Pictures from June are up now. They are quite random pics really. I should have included some others just for the story behind them, maybe I will later. So go there now and have a look. I started you off on the first picture, so all you need to do is click the Next Photo button on the right side of the screen. Be sure to click on the ” part and enter something in the patient little box. Just like a blog, it is more fun to read and respond when comments are there. Remember you can always access my other albums in the gallery by looking under the ‘favourites’ in the nav bar above.
Have fun, any requests?