just so you can sleep at night

31 08 2003

I am doing the official move on Monday so the computer will have to lay dorment until I am re-connected with my ISP. Could be soon, could be well, it’s Shaw so who knows.
I had a great day at the lake today, but it’s funny, we all felt there could have been more. Nothing wrong at all, we had fun. It just felt like there was something missing.
Till then kids! Take care of my page for me!


good morning

30 08 2003

Somehow I managed to stay up until 3am last night without really spending more than an hour at the ‘bars’. Anywho, this is the long weekend not to be wasted on sleepy heads so I drag my ass out of bed so I can make the most of my day at the lake.
I get out of bed, and headed for the shower. I thoughtfully paused at last night’s boxers on the floor and slid them on. I gulp a mouthful of water from the mug beside my bed and playfully swish it around my mouth as step from my bedroom.
I walk right into some lady. Wtf? I have been awake for a total of 45 seconds, the mind is reeling. I nod (mouthful of water) streak for the safety of the bathroom in my drawers only to find a younger version standing there. Not to seem foiled I casually stroll right on by and manage to choke down the water as I pretend to look into the next room for something.
“Good Morning.”, I say as casually as one can standing hair disheveled, red eyed, hair askew, and tired boxers barely hanging on at the hips.
“Hello, I’m Danielle.”, is the reply.
Turns out she is moving in to the other downstairs bedroom in the house I am moving out of, and her mother is helping her move.
“Hello, I am Neil, and these are my boxers, I’m going to put some clothes on.”
“No wait! I want to see your tattoo!”, says the Mom.
“MOM!”, says the daughter.
I slip into my room and haul some jeans on and let pervy Mom get a view of my tattoo. By this point I have noticed all my crap laying around the living area downstairs. Basically you have some nappy looking clothes I used to pack some fragile stuff and a pile of booze in the middle of the floor. I just woke up so I sound hung over and there is half empty bottles everywhere. Good thing I put away the disco clothes last night.
I was 2 feet and 10 seconds away from not even wearing my boxers.
Hee hee! I just had to share this, so… Good Morning, and I am off to the lake!

…and also FOR SALE

29 08 2003

One (1) thirty three gallon (100 litre ?) fish tank
with acc. Heaters, gravel, trinkets, net, Emperor filtration system (2 built in pumps giver at 400 gallons per hour, Bio wheel technology and all that), lighted hood (aka Cat cover) comes with one lonely fantail goldfish. (Goes by ‘Sushi’)
Don’t really have room for it in the new place. Willing to sell for $200 to right owner. (filter alone is worth more) Sad to see it go, but rather someone else get enjoyment out of it and Sushi have a good home than flush him and lock away in storage.
Would look great in a forward thinking internet company’s lounge 😉 also goldfish are great feng shui


29 08 2003

such is the long weekend. I had posted something two months ago to the effect of ‘the summer is here, I’m not going to let another pass me by without taking advantage of it’. Well here we are at the end of August and I haven’t been camping. grrr!
I had hopes and plans for this weekend but alas it is the same stupid weekend I have to move. again with the grrr!
I think I will try and pack tonight then head to the cabin at Shawnigan for most of the weekend. I’ll come back Sunday and move my crap, then head back up. That is my plan.
Of course now I need to find someone to steer the boat while I ski behind it and I need someone to sit there and look pretty in a bikini.
(and NO, before my creepy friends jump in, the bikini wearer can not be a guy)


26 08 2003

These five questions were stolen from Jaime’s blog because I was too slow to get my own 😦
1. What kind of role does exercise play in your life?
Large but not as much as it used to, but I always think I will change that. I used to be so active I never had to exercise for the sake of exercising. Alway’s playing sports or active with any number of outdoor activities. I used to be so fit on my bike I once rode 20 kms to the start of a 30km mountain bike race. Everyone else was pulling their bikes off roof racks and trailers, I come pedalling in the parking lot. Hee hee. ahem, right, so more activities less time in the STUPID gym people!
2. Youre very independent. How did you get this way?
I think I can blame my family:) My parents had me later in life as my brother and and sister are 8 and 7 years older respectively. I think because of the age difference I learned to do things on my own. I know it wouldn’t seem that way now, but I believe I matured faster for the same reason; emulating them. Being used to amusing myself also fueled my social shyness. You might not think so, but think about it. When was the last time you saw me on a date. No wait, that’s because I am an asshole.

3. Describe the philosophy behind how you keep your animals.

Boneless and skinless.
OK, fine. I have always had a family dog and at least one cat. I got a cat when I was (9?) and he lived for 18 almost 19 years. I think that says something. I have wanted a dog for the past 10 years or so but just haven’t felt it was fair. I have moved so often and worked odd hours that I don’t think leaving a dog at home alone is fair. Especially while it is a puppy, you know, the bonding time. I want to raise one well and teach it right from the start by spending time with it. Later if I had to leave a full grown dog in a yard, I wouldn’t feel bad at all. NONE of our family dogs have ever been the tie-up kind. They stay at home outside when we are away and they are free to walk around with no fence. They just stay home because that is where they would rather be. Of course I would take mine everywhere I could, and it would catch frisbees.

4. Characterize one or more of your cooking experiences.

Only question 4! Characterize? Ok: Experimental. I never use recipes and just add what I think would taste good. Sometimes I even get lucky. One pot or pan are my favourites. It all ends up in the same place anyways and it saves on dishes.

5. How has one book (preferably fiction) changed your perspective in life?

Sticking with childhood I will go with ‘The Great Brain’. I used to read a lot when I was young. Supposedly reading books ‘outside’ my age group. I don’t really remember much about it, but I remember people telling me that ‘such and such’ is too much of a book for someone your age. Whatever, I read them anyway. For some reason I had a great pause in reading. Perhaps in high school when people actually wanted me to read. Regardless, I don’t remember much of these books but I remember them with fondness. The kid in the book always found a way make something work. Like a little McGyver. No matter their age he managed to outwit or outsmart and as I was smaller than most kids I though this was great. I always had my brain.


25 08 2003

So yes, I changed a few things. It all started with me going through some pics to post to the gallery (Which some of you haven’t visited yet!) One of the best ways to navigate through the gallery is to open an album, then click on the first picture. Once there use the little >> Next Photo arrows to move to the, you guessed it, next photo.
Some images in thumbnail are not the full image when opened, plus you get to read and LEAVE comments for pics too this way.
Anywho, I was sorting through pics for that when I started running a couple of them through photoshop and the next thing I knew I was working on a banner. The banner looked kinda cool so I uploaded it.
It looked like shit on my page, so I had to change a couple of more things to make it even out. This was all between 10 and 11 last night.
Ultimately tonight I got to fick a few things the way I wanted too last night. Hear I am again, late for bed and having a big day of work ahead of me tomorrow.
Ps: I saw a pregnant ugly lady today. Even SHE is having sex! I’m a couple of weeks and a six pack away from either the Carlton Club or the BBR!

thumb of perspective

23 08 2003

I have been feeling a little off the past couple days. Sort of ill, but not really. Just not well. I think I know what it is.
Fuck you depression.