observation #43

31 07 2003

Why does everyone who drives a Camaro look the same? —– EXTENDED BODY: —–


people and their prices

29 07 2003

Long ago we were taught the concept of supply and demand. Sometimes sellers are
crooks and sometimes people sell for what they think someone will pay for, and
sometimes people sell for what they think it is worth. Now the key here is
worth. It can be manipulated, bent and interpreted in more ways than the Bible.
(btw I saw a bumper sticker today that said Jesus is coming. So look sharp!)
Anyway, you may have heard me ramble on about Value and Worth before. Well today
I have another spin on it. And it isn’t the one I did here. I needed an auto
part. I will not bore you with what it was or where it goes, but a new one will
run me anywhere around $1000 and up. I am told used ones are common for around
$200 to $250. I start calling auto wreckers, no one has one. Some people don’t
sound like they are looking very hard. One place said they didnt’ but after I
hung up a friend who overheard me said he saw two of them out there three days
ago. They moved to the last on my list. I didn’t want to give them my money for
being lazy. I called around Victoria, Malahat, Duncan, Nanaimo and finally
Vancouver. I found the part in Vancouver and the guy argued with me about what
car it came out of, (I told him I don’t care, I just need the part) and anyway
he wanted to charge me $350 bucks. Bottom of the list for him. I was frustrated
and dejected. This ‘little project’ was taking more and more of my money – fast.
In frustration I started calling small, back yard businesses. As it turned out
the first one I called said, “OH yeah, we got lots of those.” Of course I am
skeptical, but I ask him a price anyway. “Well…”, he says, “If you take it off
I usually sell them for $35.” Uh – I says pardon. So I repeat the description of
the part. “Yep, that’s it.” He replies. I hang up the phone and tell my friend.
“What are you still doing standing here? Get out there before he changes his
mind.” So I raced off to Sooke and picked up what looked to me to be a slightly
damaged part for $15.00 including taxes. The same part that would have been
shipped from Vancouver for $350.00 before taxes and courier. Noodly. He was
happy to help me and happy to have sold it for that much. I’m not sure he knows
what other people are selling them for, but he sells them for what he thinks
they are worth. What I am saying is: He will sell that part for $35 until
SOMEONE ELSE comes along and tells him he can sell it for more. So now it is a
Value someone else has given it. They tell him what to sell it for. How many
times has this happened? You have been moving from house to house carrying this
piece of junk with you ’cause you think you will use it. Of course you haven’t
used it and finally you try to sell it or offer it around for free. No one wants
it. You throw it out. Six months later you need it, and have to pay $50 for a
new one. I had a Nissan 4×4. I couldn’t give it away. No one would take it, I
had to pay someone to remove it. A short time later I met someone who needed a
front differential. It cost them $2000 for a used one. I couldn’t give away my
truck, now a part of it is worth two grand. Crazy. Same as working on the house.
We dug a hole, we had extra dirt, and we pay money to have it hauled away and
pay to have it dumped. Now we need dirt. Of course, we have to buy the dirt back
and pay someone else to truck it to us. This is why you see ‘Free Fill’ signs at
job sites. Someone is getting rid of dirt, and surely someone must be looking
for it. If done right you should have someone paying you to take it away or
paying you to dump it. How often have you had a friend selling or looking to buy
a car. “What do you want for it?”, “I don’t know, I have no idea what it is
worth.” See? They actually need to go ask someone else what there own car is
worth. I like auctions for this. Items sell for what someone is willing to pay
for them. Sometimes it is an unreasonably high or low price. Just depends what
someone is willing to pay for it. In my opinion $69,000 dollars is a little much
for a bottle of wine, but that is what some idiot (my word) paid for a bottle of
wine in the states (of course) last week. That is going to be some expensive pee
in an hour. Simple math dictates that is six thousand nine hundred $100 dinners.
And that my friends, is a really nice dinner out every single night of the year
for 18 years and 10 months. Or just two and a half glasses of wine for an
eegiiot! Anyway, it should all work out for me because the other parts I bought
were WAY overpriced. Of course this guy just earned my repeat business and my
recommendation to other potential customers. —– EXTENDED BODY: —– EXCERPT:

you and $69,000

29 07 2003

So what illogical things could you buy for $69,000? (houses etc. don’t count. Neither do Porsches
Dj) For instance: 14 breast augmentation surgeries (or 28 fake boobs) -6,000
golf lessons -Airfare and hotel to Vegas for a week for you and 189 friends – 5
and a half Hyundai Accent Sedans You get the idea. What could you get? —–


26 07 2003

I love leaving myself easter-eggs. Like putting on a jacket you haven’t worn in a long time and
finding 10 bucks. Well not nearly exciting, but much more relative, I found the
above joke image thingy on my hard drive. I don’t remember where it came from or
even puttin it there. I ran into it because I was looking for pictures to post
to my gallery. If you have never been, check it out. I have three albums there
with more on the way. Leave me comments and check back often to read others! I
like to know what you think, and/or what it reminds you of etc. It is
interesting to see how different people are drawn to different photo’s. —–

Friday Five

25 07 2003

1. If your life were
a movie, what would the title be? Prolly something like “Tangents”. If you have
ever heard me talk that would make perfect sense. 2. What songs would be on the
soundtrack? Golly. Lots- I would have to be honest and say the early years would
contain some Van Halen and Def Leppard. Throw in some Beasties and James Taylor
just to screw everyone up. Action scenes would most likely go off to Crystal
Method. Then throw in everything else like Adam Sandler, NIN-Closer, Eve 6-
Think twice, Offspring-Self Esteem, and why not some LImp Bizkit and Rage
against the machine? From Englebert Humperdink and Micheal Jackson to Basement
Jaxx and Tim Deluxe. 3. Would it be a live-action film or animated? Why? Mostly
live-action for sure, but some computer gen or anime for dream like thought
processes where you see what I am thinking 🙂 4. Casting: who would play you,
members of your family, friends, etc? Easy. I would play me and everyone else is
a hot chick. Salma Hayek can play my Mom, Pam Anderson my teacher, Heidi Klum my
doctor. Why not? Ok. Fine. I really wouldn’t care what their name was, as long
as they did a good job. 5. Describe the movie preview/trailer. Like a see-saw in
the dark. It wouldn’t be one of those trailers that show the whole damn movie.
It would be mysterious and compelling. Some dark quiet fade in, fade out
glimpses of dynamic people, then Bam! action an loud music flashing about,
then—>total calm again with a smile or reflective moment, then party action
with more loud music, then Bam quiet again with someone cracking a joke or in a
funny situation. Fade to Black, uh, with the Title. —– EXTENDED BODY: —–


23 07 2003

I’m venting so be patient. I worked yesterday and drove out to sooke
after to get a part for my latest project. This project car is in Sidney so I
headed out there after picking up the parts in Sooke. I worked on my car and
helped my Dad with his boat. I got home at 11pm. I had left the house at 7:30
that morning. I got home to find my landlords had taken my shower apart to fix
something in the wall. This is cool, I knew they were going to be working on it.
I get to bed sometime around 12:30am and I am out the door again at 7:30 this
morning. I work all day in this crazy heat. ( it is crazy when your only shade
is your hat) I get home at 5:30 tonight with only enough time to grab my
baseball glove and a pair of shorts. I rush to the university and kick off my
work boots and get changed in the parking lot. (bah, who hasn’t seen me in my
underwear?) We had a fun game that we sort of won and sort of lost in. See the
other team was short players so we technically win. We played anyway and some of
our players played on their team just for fun. Eventually they had enough of
their own players and we battled back and forth to them finally winning by one
run at the last out of the last inning! good game though. I am obviously wiped
out, tired, smelly and hungry. I come home to an empty house. Perfect, I can be
alone and relax. I kick of my smelly clothes and head for the shower. I use the
toilet first only to find it doesn’t flush. It has no water. NO WATER. No water?
Damn. Now for some reason I have no water to flush the toilet. No water to
shower off a sweaty days work and a hard fought baseball game. No water to cook
with. Just plain no water! #@^*&! To top it all off mischiff posts a sad story.

paddling the furniture*

20 07 2003

* thanks to jaime A week ago in Port Alberni fishing. So much going
on this summer, it’s great. We just need to keep packing it in. A camping trip
must be organized soooon! Last weekend I passed up a chance to go to the
celebrity golf tourny after-party and went to visit my friends up island who
just got engaged. (congrats Paul and Cara!) We partied all night and Paul and I
went fishing in Port Alberni four hours later. This weekend I reeeaallly wanted
to hang out at Shawnigan but we did ourselves in on Friday evening up there and
we were too sore to go skiing again the next day. I went to Western Speedway to
see the ‘BIg Rigs’ and the ‘oldtimers’ race. It was quite fun actually. Oh and
best of all. I CAUGHT THE BREAD! I spent some time this weekend working on my
new project car too. I will tell more about that soon, but first I have to wash
the smell of grease off me. —– EXTENDED BODY: —– EXCERPT: —– KEYWORDS: