having a moment

16 06 2003

Part of Saturday nights fiasco. Good times
thanks to the Darcy’s girls. Next time we aren’t so responsible though, isn’t
that right DJ?! Oh, Kyle may have dubbed me with my dj name… results pending.


So I missed a day

15 06 2003

Dj exploring the shop with my camera while I
worked. Had a great weekend, I hope everyone else did too. My blogging record
took a hit as I missed a day, but alas I am human. Especially lately. I have
been rocking along having a great time then I am struck by a bout of loneliness,
er.. I guess more like singleness. Strange as I have been having more fun than I
have in a while, yet this is the time I have to tip my hat to depressive
feelings of not having a girlfriend. I guess I am really wishing I had someone
to share all the cool things this summer brings. Oh well it’s summer, it’s not
like girls are going to be walking around in bikini’s… …oh damn. I think I
may have to start drinking again. —– EXTENDED BODY: —– EXCERPT: —–

ah summa

11 06 2003

Here is my obligitory post for the day. I actually have half a sunny day off and I am spending it well. I’m moving
my gear one armload at a time four stories to my car, then driving to gordon
head and walking it all into ‘my home for now’. A special thanks to my floridian
friend for the invite. *hat tip* , “‘preciated ma’am.” —– EXTENDED BODY:

popping by

10 06 2003

whew! how the day flies by and never ends all at once. I
am happy though exhausted at times. Working 7 days a week supposedly gains me
more money, but when do I get to spend it? Oh, I know I can spend it paying
bills my roommate never does. Not for much longer though. I am out of here soon,
and my deadbeat roomie will pay. Off again to start puttin my stuff in storage.

ahh, Victoria

8 06 2003

So here we are at the end of
a great weekend. I have been workin my ass off still but I seem to be holding in
there. Not even just hanging, more like standing as I appear to be holding up
well. It just an increased amount of activity not stress. Actually seems to be
reducing my stress. Well, enough about that, I should get some sleep. This pic
taken last Friday evening. —– EXTENDED BODY: —– EXCERPT: —– KEYWORDS:

Saturday too

8 06 2003

Yes I had a great Saturday too. Adrian was riding shotgun with me in the radiostation mobile and our first gig of the
day was a bikini car wash. Throw in a few giveaway spots, a trip to a fair and
the Oak Bay Tea Party and our day was full. After dropping off the promobile we
picked up my car and drove down wharf st. I found a spot directly across from
Darcy’s, and there was money in the meter. It must have been fate. We went in
for a bit to say hello, not really knowing what we were doing. We hung out with
the all too attractive staff there and were eventually joined by aa and Chu. The
evening consisted of a walk around the inner harbour for an hour while we waited
for a table on Milestone’s patio, then a minute long stint on said patio before
we were driven inside by cigarette smoke from a lady who looked like Tina
Yothers. All four of us just stood up and walked away. It was amazing how
instantly cranky we got with the smoke in our face. Inside we sat in silence
most of the meal, just enjoying food and reflecting on our day. The heat
certainly lowers the ole energy level. The evening air was noticiably cooler
than the night before and we nearly caught hint of a chill by the time we made
it back to the car. We decided on a movie at the Mill as our brains were in
neutral so we started hiking up to the movie store. As we walked up Yates I
noticed the “Patch” was open so I wandered on in. I found some awesome original
bowling shirts so I bought two. Solid. In out in 7 or 8 minutes. After the movie
I ran into Doug and Amber on Darcy’s patio and chatted with them for a bit with
my second wind. So eventually I rolled on home and crawled into bed 16 or so
hours after I left it. And that my friends is what I did on my Saturday.

Friday Five – L’amour

6 06 2003

I missed last Friday’s five, but here is this weeks. Cut
and pasted directly from the ring. I changed my answers though. 1. How many
times have you truly been in love? easy. twice. 2. What was/is so great about
the person you love(d) the most? first: not so easy. some untangeble thing that
drew me to her, always. second: easier. beautiful. smart. funny. 3. What
qualities should a significant other have? Pretty much going to keep it simple
and reiterate above. beautiful. smart. funny. There is something to a strong
woman too. Not muscular strong, head strong. Not subborn or bossy or too
independant, but one who can look after herself. Let me put it this way. The
opposite of a little rich girl princess who has everything given to her and
would never think to check her own oil. She doesn’t care to, she doesn’t want to
get dirty or chip a nail, and really why bother because her parents bought her a
brand new lexus. 4. Have you ever broken someone’s heart? Yes. 5. If there was
one thing you could teach people about love, what would it be? Be yourself. Why
pretend to be something your not to attract someone? And I don’t mean just lying
about your career or your age, although that too. You will end up attracting a
person that is not right for you and perhaps miss one that would be.