29 05 2003

Ok, first off I have to thank jester for pointing us in this
direction, and secondly I have gone to Googlism and checked out what I am. This
is a sampling of what it came up with when I entered my name… neil is bingo
tough neil is a good person neil is wanted by the law neil is the shiznit neil
is the best neil is my name neil is my bitch neil is passionate neil is gorgeous
again neil is a great player neil is involved with them at all? neil is cross
neil is a researcher neil is still adding to his journal on an almost daily
basis neil is a useless post neil is aware neil is the sexiest lizard i’ve ever
seen in my whole damn life neil is brie neil is a thinker and a charismatic
individualist neil is in the happy position of already having secured a graduate
traineeship with national hire car leader neil is recruited for and accepts the
assignment to train as a navy seal neil is from milnathort and plays highland
bagpipes neil is a very mysterious guy with lots of secrets and is always
scamming to cut corners neil is not affiliated with the united states federal
government or any state agency neil is no stranger to winning championships as
he is a previous 125cc british champion before his move to the bigger classes
neil is available neil is a medical officer in charge of embangweni mission
hospital situated within a very rual area near the zambian border neil is saying
that perhaps lucifer did not fall neil is on everything from dizrythmia onwards
neil is also able to talk in third person neil is no exception neil is working
on several projects at the moment that are keeping him busy; neil is an enigma
neil is an artist/designer working mostly in wood and metal neil is a graphic
designer neil is currently divorced neil is a good friend neil is like a cold
glass of lemonade for those of us who prefer to spend the summer in the sticky
neil is thoughtful and kind neil is god neil is a big believer in technical
indicators neil is playing neil is planning his work for the day over breakfast
neil is so a spitter neil is looking for more girls neil is sidelined again
december 18 neil is an independent solo artist with a short attention span and
alot of nervous energy neil is able to bring anything from a duo up to a six
piece band neil is set to host the first ever search for the sexiest woman in
america neil is excited neil is a double olympic medallist and who works as a
national coach and technical advisor neil is in california neil is on the job as
bvu’s only night watchman neil is now proudly endorsing ernie ball/music man
guitars and some related gear neil is a temporary character used for one issue
in the simpsons comics neil is the quintessential rock ‘n roll frontman neil is
a wanker neil is a former business journalist neil is heard on side 2 neil is
amazed at events in his life that has led him to his career with the state of
wyoming neil is a researcher neil is definately a dj to look out for in the next
few years neil is a very fine performer that excels in comedy as well neil is
certainly that neil is a serotta certified advance bike fit professional neil is
vice neil is always looking for the deepest and most technical line neil is
known not only as an accomplished guitarist and songwriter but as a prolific
producer as well neil is standing in front of a small orchestra neil is the
nationís #1 provider of human resources products neil is available neil is
sketching in the special room with a big table and chairs neil is racked with
guilt neil is constantly making public appearances to which the local press are
often in attendance neil is right where top 40 radio is at nowadays neil is one
busy guy —– EXTENDED BODY: —– EXCERPT: —– KEYWORDS: —–


yer ship has come in

27 05 2003

Holland Cruise Lines – “Amsterdam” in Port @ Ogden
Point I have a few other photo’s from this night I should add to the gallery.
Just not tonight. This was taken last Friday when Adrian and I wandered down to
check out the cruise ships. Perhaps when he gets his film back we could post
them in the same album. There should be some good pics. For a lesson in
orientation here is the same pic. Which do you like better? …and why? (helpful
hint: If you have a big monitor scroll so you can only see one picture at a

one for the gif-er

25 05 2003

Mischiff and I playing around with the features on my
camera. Click ‘Stop’ on your browser when you want me to stop spinning. Click ,
here for me learning how to hover in bullet time and click here for Mischiff
doing a Trinity impression. —– EXTENDED BODY: —– EXCERPT: —– KEYWORDS:

The Lottery

25 05 2003

Last night was my first experience with the radio crew at Western
Speedway. I have been to the speedway before, and enjoyed it, I just haven’t
actually worked at the track on a Saturday night. It literally opened doors to
me I haven’t seen before. Take the VIP area for instance. Makes me feel so
special. We stayed long enough to give out prizes and watch a mini van rollover
contest that was definitely not sponsored by us but somehow displayed the
company banner across the side of it. My direct superior was picturing certain
death. She was convinced this guy was going to kill himself. I was amused, my
co-workers were terrified. Once a few cars rolled over and the drivers drove
back to try it again I think they warmed up to the idea that these guys weren’t
in as much danger as they first assumed. They weren’t smart, but they weren’t in
direct peril either. The most disturbing part was the crowd reaction to the
whole thing. I’m not sure but I think I heard boiling blood and sounds of
tongues catching saliva on the verge of cascaded down chins. It was hard to tell
with all the stomping of feet and the clapping of hands. They too had the odd
sound of fists striking open palms. I felt like I was in a high school short
story. Then it hit me. I was sitting in on a reading of Shirley Jackson’s “The
Lottery”. These people were not looking for a hero; they were looking for a
stoning. I think I am going to start a class for people with low self esteem.
I’m going to charge them a hundred bucks and tell them to take a transit bus out
to Langford. How could you not feel better about yourself after that trip? —–

Tourist Season

24 05 2003

That’s right, it’s stupid season already. The time of year when people and their brains
go on vacation, but rarely the two shall meet. Last night I watched one person
after another takeing pictures of horses, up close, at night, with a flash. The
poor horses are trying to turn their heads, and are blinking like crazy in an
effort to get rid of the glowing blue orb that is now in the center of their
vision. Adrian and I went down to Ogden to check out the mahsive cruise ships in
port. Yes there too were stupid people. Standing on Dallas road, a kilometer
away taking pictures of cruise ships in the dark, with the flash. The flash
wouldn’t make it to the beach let alone a ship out in the ocean. I saw a mother
and two kids on Wharf and Fort. The kids looked down Wharf Street towards the
causeway and said, “Wow this street is long. Mom look!” “No honey, we’re not
going down there, there isn’t any shopping.” Sigh. I also saw a couple sitting
on Darcy’s patio. The man got up, walked over to the Garlic Rose, grabbed a menu
and went back to read the menu while sitting at one of Darcy’s tables. I heard
an American tell an Australian couple that he knows they go on two day long
walks in the bush called ‘walk abouts’. He knows this because, “We get your
movies here.” All was not lost though. On my way home I saw a guy with
Tourette’s riding a bike. Funny and inspirational. This guy was trying to ride
in a straight line (through traffic I might add) while his body was
unpredictibly convulsing and ticing (pronounced ‘ticking’). I think my heart was
racing more than his. Every few seconds I thought he was either going to fall or
crash into a car. Oddly enough the slower he rode the worse it was to watch.
With less gyroscopic force from the spinning wheels the bike pitched more
violently. He kept on trucking though and stayed ahead of me in traffic until he
turned off on Douglas St. He obviously has learned to counteract his tics, but
it made me think of how brave he must have been to first try riding. Oh the
irony of how tourists may look at this man and assume he is the dumb one. —–

Friday Five

23 05 2003

Friday Five – No Logo 1. What brand of toothpaste do you use? Crest. I always wanted Aim as a kid but my Mum
bought Crest. Now that I have the choice, I still buy Crest. I actually will use
just about anything, not that picky. Although maybe Colgate Total leaves my
mouth feeling weird… 2. What brand of toilet paper do you prefer? Again, not
to picky. I’m not a primadonna in the shitter. After all, I’m using it to WIPE
MY ASS! 3. What brand(s) of shoes do you wear? I find Airwalks comfy and really
durable as casual shoes and I have always got good wear out of Aldo’s believe it
or not. If it looks good and fits well then I don’t care who makes it. 4. What
brand of soda pop do you drink? Tasty kind. (Seeing a pattern here?) Although
Coke over Pepsi. 5. What brand of gum do you chew? I don’t chew much gum
anymore, I went a year where I always had a stick of Extra in my mouth. I mean
ALWAYS. I drank beer with gum in my mouth and even woke up a few mornings having
slept all night with a piece in my mouth. Chewing triggers production of extra
acid in your stomach, so I had to lay off for a while. If you want to know what
I think of brands read this. —– EXTENDED BODY: —– EXCERPT: —– KEYWORDS:

shot in foot i think

22 05 2003

So I was looking over my tracker info and my readership has dropped very little
considering the three weeks i was off the air. What is interesting is that the
comments have stopped entirely! So I don’t blame you the humble visitor, I blame
my dumb ass supposed roommate. Well her and my apparent lack of posting anything
comment worthy. Once again, I have more pics added. If you haven’t been look
under the ‘favourites’ menu or go here. Inside you will find two nested albums.
Those are the latest pics. Check them out, or just cheat and click here for
Deeper and here for Lights and Shapes. Feel freel to leave comments if you like,
and hell leave ’em if you don’t want to you ungrateful takers! ahem..sorry.
Click on pics to open, enlarge and reduce sizes. Comments are available under
each photo. Enjoy, and leave me feedback. —– EXTENDED BODY: —– EXCERPT: