Victoria Cam

21 04 2003

Check this shit out. I had no idea. (this will be linked under my



21 04 2003

Here are two fine examples of math for those formula wizards I had
brunch with on sunday. If you missed out, read about it below.


20 04 2003

Here we go people, your chance to help design my site. A
new month is coming up and I will need a new theme for the page. Any ideas? What
do you think I should base it on? Do you have an idea for an image? Let me know
and I will see what I can do to design next months theme off of your ideas.

Sunday brunch

20 04 2003

Careful what you wish for…

19 04 2003

Currently listing to: Iio – At the end (Scumfrog mix) …you might get it. I had that saying running through my head
for the past two days. If you haven’t read my last post, read it first. I woke
up the next morning and what did I hear? Nothing. No cats. The trick is with
those little buggers is to stay out of sight. I have seen them curled up on the
couch, and as soon as I walk into the room they start up with the wailing again.
So when I woke up and didn’t hear anything, I figured I would try and lay low,
see if I could get ready without disturbing them. It worked. I made it out of
the apartment without the cats having a Yoko Ono sing along. I returned later
that day and was struck with an eerie silence again. I did a quick walk around
the apartment and didn’t see either of the cats. “Don’t look too hard.”, I told
myself. After all I didn’t really want to find them. Again I go out, and come
home really late (4am), not a sound. Now I start to get suspicious, but not
suspicious enough not to sleep. Next morning I wake up to ..ahhh… silence. I
take another quick tour of the apartment and only find one cat this time. The
one I can sort of stand, and whom I now seem to have a treaty with. I put down
fresh water and food, shake the bowl and do all sorts of cat food commercial
type things. Still only one cat. Again I ask myself if I really want to find the
other cat. Maybe it crawled in the closet when I grabbed a jacket…almost two
days ago. Guilt started to build and then wane again as I looked around for
things I might have done wrong. Perhaps it fell off the deck, or out a window!
Although I silently felt bad about that, I didn’t feel bad enough to actually
look out a window or over the deck. Maybe on of my roommates friends came to
look after the cats. I thought perhaps she came home but that was too
responsible and besides, the nasty notes I left for her haven’t been moved. The
most disturbed I felt was when I thought the cat made it into my room. They are
fascinated with my room because that is the door they aren’t allowed behind. I
was also wondering how I would explain myself after threatening the cats well
being, and then having to explain that it mysteriously wasn’t here anymore. Well
animal lovers rejoice because this morning I saw the second cat wandering across
my field of view. I don’t know, I don’t care. Just as long as she keeps quiet.
Sorry for not posting for a few days, I was trying to get away for the long
weekend and figured I would post something relative to my desination. Alas it
didn’t really happen and I have to work Monday morning so there you have it, you
are stuck with me all weekend.

call Bob Barker

16 04 2003

So yeah I’m a Virgo, but one thing doesn’t jive. Virgo’s are
supposed to be all organized and stuff. We are supposed to be crazy with the
cleaning and tidiness. Yeah I don’t see it. Ask my girlfriends, ask my
roommates, heck, ask my Mom. Now of course this is not to say I like disorder
and a mess, but over the years my room especially has been messy more than
clean. Apparently the bedroom is the exception to most rules, because everyone
agrees that the bedroom gets messy, and that doesn’t mean I am not tidy other
places. Well fine, if you say so. Look, I’m not trying to sell myself as a slob
or anything here, I just don’t agree with the great stereotype. I would agree
with the organization skills though. I am good at that, and even if shit seems
to be all over the place I tend to know where it is. I’m not a big schedule
freak either. Unless I am waiting for someone, then I wish they had a schedule:)
Bah, I’m actually fairly patient with that too. So while not being a neat freak,
and being fairly average in my tidiness, I am repulsed with my living
conditions. Well not really mine but the ones I share. My roommate is young, and
she is a pig. Food, dishes, kitchen, bathroom, you name it. She has two cats and
no animal owning sense. I’m not saying she is mean to them, I’m saying she
doesn’t know how to raise them. She is a cat lady in training, therefore the
cats are always cute even when they are screaming and pissing on stuff (and they
do a lot of that). Now I understand why people hate cats. Vile futile little
creatures. They have destroyed a couch, an antique hutch, and anything porous
they can piss on. Which is lots. I am constantly amazed at how stupid an animal
can be. I have stepped out of the stairwell onto my floor and heard the cats
bawling through the closed apartment door like they were getting skewered. I
unlock the door, walk down my own hallway and find one of the cats with it’s
nose an inch away from the wall still wailing away. It doesn’t even acknowledge
me, it just looks bored. I tell it to shut up, it howls louder and runs under
the kitchen table. This is now the favourite activity for these putrid felines.
They howl and carry on all day and all night. I can’t believe I haven’t had more
complaints from neighbours. I have heard the people downstairs pound on the
ceiling at one in the morning when they can’t sleep either. The cat now runs out
on to the deck and wakes up people in the apartment building across from us.
Every day I expect someone to accuse me of torturing them. Maybe I should make
up some story that I have been. Here, rescue them! But you want to know the best
part? My roomie has a new boyfriend and she hasn’t been home in two weeks. Yeah,
that is great. It isn’t like the litter box will get full, because it couldn’t
possibly have more in it. I told her to clean it one day, and she said whenever
she cleans it the cats piss on the furniture. Fine by me, I’ll just put it in
her bed. Problem is, I can’t find her bed. I think it is under the pile of
clothes in her room. I’m not sure though, it might be her computer table too.
I’m serious. If she doesn’t come home soon I’m gonna put the food, water and
litter box in her room and shut the door. I have already taken to locking them
in there anytime I am home. I would take them to the SPCA and tell them they are
strays, but there is no way I would get away with it. Imagine trying to smuggle
bagpipes out of church with squeaky toys on your feet. Chances are someone is
going to hear you. I have thought about heaving them off the deck too (I’m on
the fourth floor over asphalt) but they scream like I’m killing them even when
I’m not home. I can’t imagine the display they would put on if they were
actually in distress. So yeah, I’m not a neat freak, but I draw the line at
animals standing in their own excrement then walking all over the surfaces where
I prepare food, watch the game, and brush my teeth.

I want to protest your strike

14 04 2003